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Virtual College Experience Program

Next Step's major focus is geared directly to helping students get into, and graduate from college, period!

As long as students have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone, they can complete our Virtual College Experience Program!

Virtual College Experience Program Purpose:
The Virtual College Experience Program was created to assist high school students in navigating through the college admissions and acceptance processes. Higher education isn't for every graduating senior. However, we are committed to ensuring that a student who wants to go to college, has all of the information needed to be successful in obtaining their educational goals! ​
Virtual College Experience Program Delivery:
Our college readiness program is an innovative and research-based way to expose Georgia students, and their parents, to college readiness activities and concepts. Our students will complete a 10-Week program curriculum, full of Next Step original college readiness videos, activities, tips, and documents for students to keep. They will conduct research and create a Student Portfolio that will allow them to identify the best college for them, and articulate the reasons why!
Virtual College Experience Program Schedule:
Students will have the opportunity to apply for our virtual program during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Once a cohort of students has been accepted and the program has started, students will no longer have the opportunity to apply nor enter the program. You can view the Next Step Virtual College Experience Program schedule on the Apply page of our website. 

Program Concepts & Topics Overview  

College Readiness by Grade


Student Profiles vs Admissions Requirements


Types of Colleges & How to Choose One

How to Choose a Major & Career Options

Financial Aid, The FAFSA & Scholarships

Writing the Essay Right!


College Fairs & Campus Visits

Accepted, Now What?

Budgeting & Common Money Mistakes

Parent's Corner

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