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The College Experience

The College Experience Program was created to assist high school students to navigate through the college acceptance process. We have developed a curriculum comprised of workshops and information sessions specifically focused to educate students and their parents on the proper course of action when it comes to going to college. Higher education isn't for every graduating senior. However, we are committed to ensuring that a student who wants to go to college has all of the information needed to attain their educational goals!

College Planning

High school students need to strategically organize their plan for college. He/She will need to place themselves in the best position possible to gain acceptance into the school of their choice. How do you do this? Start early and educate yourself! Through the College Planning portion of the program we will assist students and parents with online and/or face to face workshops, information sessions, individual consultations, and activities including:


College Selection          College Applications          Common College Acceptance Processes         


College Requirements          College Fairs           College Visits

We have professionals on hand to show students how to marry their educational resume with the right college.  This is the perfect time for students/parents to find out exactly what they are looking for in a college.

College Financing


For some students, all the planning can be interrupted when they are introduced to financing their college education. The second section of the program is College Financing. This is arguably the most important section. We will assist students and parents through online and/or face to face workshops, group workshops, and individual consultations on everything Financial Aid... as well as other financing options. Topics to discuss include:

​Federal Financial Aid Options          Private Financing Options         FAFSA           Military & VA Benefits          Scholarships         Loan Repayment         

This is the most pertinent section for parents, because around 95% of students cannot receive Federal Financial Aid without his or her parent's financial information. Next Step plans to not only be a liaison to scholarship opportunities, but also a scholarship opportunity ourselves. With the help of committed donors we plan to offer scholarships to deserving Next Step students. Financing prevents a lot of students from receiving a higher education. We're committed to changing that for our community.

College Polishing


College Polishing is the last portion of the program. We will assist students through online and/or face to face workshops, group workshops, and individual consultations on:

​Business Attire          Business Etiquette          Resume and Cover Letter Building          Community Service          Interviewing Skills          Personal Finance

We believe that colleges look for well rounded individuals for acceptance and to become the face of their college. Completing our college experience program, students will inevitably be..... well rounded!

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